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The radiator system is more than just the radiator. The radiator works together with other parts including a fan, some hoses and a water pump to dissipate heat away from the engine. We can service and repair foreign and domestic radiator systems in most vehicles.

Radiator Maintenance and Repair Services

All of the moving parts of your vehicle's engine create a lot of friction. That friction, combined with the internal combustion process, generates a large amount of heat. The coolant system is critical to protect your vehicle's engine from heat damage. A typical engine can run at well over 200 degrees, and the combustion process can generate over 4,500 degrees. Those are significant numbers, and that's why you need to keep things cool.

At the heart of your car's coolant system is the radiator. After the coolant flows through the engine, absorbing its heat, it enters the radiator. Cool air from outside of the engine flows over the radiator to take the heat out of the coolant, which then cycles back through the engine to continue cooling it. If the radiator is not doing its job well, or if it springs a leak, the entire cooling process is disrupted. We can help protect your car's engine with radiator and coolant system services. We work on both foreign and domestic radiators and can offer help with most vehicles.

Common Problems with Radiators

What kinds of problems could you have with your radiator? As with all components of your vehicle's engine, there are some common issues that can arise that you should be aware of. Some of these include:

Leaks – Leaks often come from hoses, but the radiator itself and also leak. If you notice a green tinted liquid pooling beneath your car, you have a coolant system leak that needs to be investigated.

Rust – Air, metal, and liquid are all found in your radiator, which means it can develop rust. Too much rust can cause a hole to develop. To see if you have rust, look for a brownish tint to the coolant.

Obstructions – Mineral deposits can also build up in your radiator. Our mechanics like to refer to this as "gunk," and it looks like a thick, goopy substance in the coolant. This can prevent the coolant from flowing

Radiator Fan – If the radiator fan stops working, then it won't cool the radiator and the coolant inside. This can allow the engine to spike a hot temperature while sitting in idle or driving at a low speed.

If you're noticing any of these problems, bring your vehicle in right away. You will need to repair the radiator or coolant system before driving it, or risk catastrophic engine damage due to overheating.

Radiator Maintenance Services

One way to protect your radiator and prevent some of these problems is with radiator maintenance. A coolant flush, which removes the old coolant and refills the system with clean coolant, costs very little and can reduce the risk of damage from rust or obstructions. Our team of mechanics is ready to help you keep your radiator working at its best with a regular coolant flush. In addition, make sure you're checking coolant levels regularly to ensure your radiator is always supplied with the coolant it needs to do its job.

Radiator and Coolant System Repair

Sometimes, even with the best maintenance, your radiator is going to need to be replaced or repaired. Our team is ready to assist, with expert diagnostics and fair pricing for repairs. Whether you need a hose replaced to stop a leak or need a new radiator, you can trust that our mechanics will give you fair, honest answers to help you get your car back up and running again.

If you are noticing a leak from your radiator or suspect rust or other damage, don't wait. Visit our shop for help today.